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TSL Water is a B.E.E owned company specializing in comprehensive service in the filtration industry. Manufacturing and marketing of Liquid and Air filtration systems.
In addition to supplying solutions to our customers we strive on supplying products of the highest quality and value. 

TSL WATER FILTER BAGS: Manufactured to suit any application. Fabrics used are principally monofilament produced from Polyamine, Polyester and Propylene Fibers

They are heat-set, and have accurate mesh openings ranging from 1 to 5000µ.Fluid bed dryer bags are made to customer requirement using a top of the range polyester anti-static fabric.
Applications :- Liquid , Solid separation , Food Processing , Chemicals , Pharmaceutical , Cosmetics , Paint and Glue.
SCFILTER HOUSINGS:- Ideal housings made from selected stainless steel and mild steel designed to suite maximum filtration requirements.

  • Polypropylene Filter Housings.

  • Cartridge Filter Housing

  • Single Bag Filter Housing

  • Single Cartridge Filter Housing 

  • Multi-Bag, Multi Cartridge Housings


SCFILTERS CARTRIDGES:- Elements for all applications:

  • Wound Filter Cartridge- for low accuracy

  • Melt-Blown- for higher efficiency

  • Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

  • Resin Bonded Cartridges

  • Melt-Blown high efficiency of 99.98% @ 0.5µ to 150µ.


COALESCING FILTER SYSTEMS:- Coalescing filter systems made according to customer specifications for OILS and FUELS.

STRAINERS :- All strainers are available in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and various Plastics.

  • Simplex, Duplex and Self cleaning strainers can be made according to customers requirements.


PLANTS:- Design , Manufacture and Installation of liquid plants. 
We can specially design all liquid plants based on application to suite your requirements Application: for Beverage industry etc.

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