33 Hoofd Street, Braam Park
Forum 4,1st Floor
Braamfontein, 2001

Johannesburg, South Africa

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T.S. Legal Services C.C. is a 100% black-owned company founded in 1998. The company is a full member of The Debt Collector’s Council ,ADRA and the ANC Business Forum. The Corporation specializes in the collection of outstanding accounts/debts by means of arbitration between the client(creditor and the debtor(s) within the guidelines provided by the Law.

Our focus is on the assessment of book debts and collection of such debts. We are expertly structured to manage book debts and offer our services to companies who are in need of expert guidance and assistance in this field. All fees are negotiated on an individual basis depending on the scope of the work-involved.
All aspects of corporate, retail and local government and consumer collections;

Account receivable management; 
Reconciliation of debtor accounts. 
Tracing of debtors, assets and financial investigations

Mission Statement and Values

In due observance of the client base of the Corporation set out in our presentation, we believe that you can trust the Corporation to take your professionalism to the ultimate.

Our mission is to be a leading Debt collecting agent and Tracing agent. By offering consistent service excellence with our roots firmly embedded in our community and our field of work.

Ethical conduct


All accounts handed over will be evaluated to ensure that any information that may slow down the collecting process is completed. Important to this fact is our use of the Credit Bureau to extract any additional information required.

All the data are then captured on the computer, and as a result thereof a letter of demand will be send out within 48 hours of receiving the instruction.
Marketing and client service division- offers a comprehensive client service function towards the clients in order to provide up-to-date and quick response to client enquiries. Consisting of the resources and technical proficiency this division, like the rest of the Corporation, is committed to service excellence in assisting you the client to resolve the frustration regarding advice towards the management of your debtors accounts. All client enquiries is therefore routed to this division.

Production Division - is responsible to evaluate and process accounts handed over in order to communicate with your debtor(s) to ensure payment of accounts. The personnel responsible for this task is highly skilled and trained. Regarding the ethics and standards surrounding the Debt Administration. The personnel always act professionally and in accordance with the law, when communicating with your debtor(s).

Management and Admin Division- is responsible for the managing of the Corporation under senior advice. The function of this division is to administer the total collection process in accordance with the clients needs and expectations. 

Employment Equity

T.S. Legal Services C.C. is committed to the upliftment of all individuals that form part of the diverse culture of the S.A. Population. As part of this continuing process we always ensure that suitable qualified candidates from the designated groups are represented within the structure of the company.