33 Hoofd Street, Braam Park
Forum 4,1st Floor
Braamfontein, 2001

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel: 011 339 1467
Fax: 0114034732

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  • Legal proceedings against debtors;

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  • Tracing of assets and debtors.


The corporation is currently using 2 of South Africa’s largest credit bureaus as well as various other non disclosed sources for information gathering purposes.

The collection process function of the accounts is handled in an ethical and professional manner.

Due to the fact that the total collection process is computerized. We offer our client the absolute guarantee that the “monies collected” with regards to successfully collected capital as handed over will be made on a monthly basis for reconciliation of the accounts handed over.


The corporation would like to take this opportunity to ensure you, the client that the entire process of debt collecting is done strictly in accordance with the Magistrate’s Court Act rules and most professional as the client would expect the Corporation to do.


To comply with the individual needs of our client the total debt collecting process is computerized.
Therefore, we can inform the client on a monthly basis through clients reports of all successful collected capital and an overall spectrum of development on the collecting process.

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