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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your success rate?

What do you actually do?

Do I have to pay? 

What is your success rate?

Very good. Whilst each individual debt is different most debts are resolved with our initial approaches by letter and phone. If the following do not apply we will usually ensure you will be paid, usually within a few days. 

The debt is disputed

The debtor absconds or goes into /Liquidation/Administration

The debtor actually has no money.

The correct identity cannot be established In our experience it pays to take action as soon as possible, otherwise you may find that you were too late. If a debtor has only R2000 to pay R20,000 worth of bills, they will usually pay the people that employ the Debt Collectors first. Don't wait until the money runs out. Very often the reason you have not been paid is because your debtor has cash flow problems and will not admit to it. They may also be waiting to see what steps you are going to take.  Once you employ our services they should realise that it is in their own interest to resolve the matter and also that you are serious about recovering your money.

Overseas debts do not have as high a success rate and depends largely on the country involved. What do you actually do?

The first approach is made by letter which informs your debtor that we are Debt Collectors and that we have taken over management of their account with you and that they should make full payment by return of post. If they do not respond a Final Demand giving notice of legal action is sent stating that legal action will follow which could lead to bankruptcy or the winding up of the debtor company. If there is still no response, polite but firm phone call are made in a final attempt to resolve the debt. We explain to delinquent payers that it is in their own interests to pay because of the additional costs, publicity and the serious adverse effect further action will have on their future credit worthiness. If payment or an agreed payment schedule is not agreed at this stage we can usually follow through to legal action and enforcement.

How long do the letters & Phone calls take?

Usually a maximum of 21 days although many debts are resolved within 24 hours or as soon as your debtor receives our first letter.

Day 1,                      Letter 1
Followed by               Final Demand
Followed by               Phone Calls

If I decide not to take the case further at this stage can you help?

Yes. We can refer you to attorneys  that can take further action, including enforcement if you wish. 


Who decides if the debt is to proceed to Litigation?

We both do. If we fail to resolve the debt with the letters and phone calls we will normally proceed to Litigation if we think it is likely to produce a positive result. However we are not obliged to do so and may decline to take the matter further if we think we can no longer be of any further help. You may decide to "Write it off",  or transfer the case to the high court, or use your own solicitor, or just wait and see.


If the Debt is disputed can you help?

Yes, we can often negotiate a settlement on your behalf, you will be informed of any offer of settlement and you can then decide to accept or reject any offer. 


When do I have to pay you?

You will be invoiced:

1 When the debt has been resolved by acceptance of money or otherwise or
2 Where the debt is settled in any way whatsoever to us or directly with you or
3 Where Judgment has been awarded or where a credit note is raised or

4 In the case where judgment has already been obtained, when a charge is secured any asset or when an attachment of earnings order has been obtained.
5 Where you request that action is halted or suspended without reasonable explanation.

Can you provide me with copies of correspondence?

Copies of correspondence received from your debtor will be faxed or posted to you when they are received. A nominal administrational charge will be made for further copies or a written progress report.  

What information do you need to start recovery action? 

The Correct Name, Address, Amount Outstanding & Telephone number of your debtor.
If any of the above is not known you must run a Basic Search before Action is started. Where you do not know of any assets owned by the debtor it may also be wise to run a Property Ownership Search.
If you have to send documents only COPIES of any correspondence showing names, addresses, letterheads, business cards, compliments slips, bounced cheques etc should be sent. Anything that can lead to establishing the "Exact" identity.

Why should I use T.S. LEGAL SERVICES C.C. for collection?

Several reasons,  but best described by asking the following questions:    Does your current Debt Collector phone your debtor? This is by far the most effective tool to recover debts.   We believe it is better to tell you the truth, if we think it is a waste to pursue your debt we will tell you. Some of our competitors will assure you and tell you not to worry while they rack up mounting bills they then tell you the debtor has absconded with no assets and here is their bill. We design our service around your needs. We can look over your system and even train your staff . We are user friendly, whatever your accounts system, we can probably show you or your staff how to send the information.