33 Hoofd Street, Braam Park
Forum 4,1st Floor
Braamfontein, 2001

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel: 011 339 1467
Fax: 0114034732

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Company Profile

TS Legal Services is a 100% black-owned company that started out as TS Legal Services, which was founded in 1998.

From a small beginning TS Legal Services has grown into a company that employs almost 80 staff. TS Legal Services has entered into a few joint–ventures in the legal and financial services fields, and boasts a long and proven history in commercial/retail/medical/local government and related third party collection services.

In 2005, Vasi Govinder-Padayachy, the CEO of TS Legal Services, decided to diversify and expand the business by establishing TSL Water. This company supplies a range of water filtration and purification systems to the industrial, commercial and domestic markets.

TSL Telecoms was established in 2009, once again diversifying the company portfolio. TSL Telecoms offers its clients a huge range of telecommunication, office automation and ITC products and peripherals.

With Vasi at the helm of the three businesses, each operating independently. 

TS Legal Services is committed to the upliftment of all individuals that form part of the diverse culture of the SA Population. As part of this continuing process, we always ensure that suitable qualified candidates from the designated groups (Black, Coloured and Indian) are represented within the structure of the company and its subsidiaries.